dimanche 24 mai 2015


SATURDAY )))))))))))))))
Old English --- Saternesdaeg -
God ---Baldur
Rune --- Dagaz
Planet --- Saturn
Number --- 3
Color --- Green
Tone --- Fa
Sign ---Capricorn (Aquarius)
Wonder --- Lighthouse of Alexandria
Saturday is a day of works of Mourning. The number for this day is three (3), the holy number that is vastly represented in ancient lore. It indicates a complex functioning process and is the root force of dynamism. In runecraft three is used to complete and to quicken things. Past, present and future. Life, birth and death. Positive, negative and neutral. We see these things symbolized in the Trefot, the Head of Gereon, the Triskelion and the Valknut.
The most cherished and beloved of all the gods is Baldur, the symbol of light and truth. Son of Wotan and Frigga, half-brother of Thor, he is known as the most handsome of the Aesir. His flowing blond hair was thought to be the radiant beams of the summer sun, which warmed the earth and the spirits of the Euro-tribes. His skill with runes and his tremendous knowledge of healing herbs made him a prominent deity during times of illness in Midgard.
Baldur's palace was called "Breidablik", where he lived with his wife Nanna, a goddess of vegetation. Breidablik featured a golden roof supported by towering pillars of solid silver. It was said that no untruth could pass through its doors. Frigga had rendered Baldur impervious to wounds from all known weapons. Baldur met his predestined physical death at the hands of his evil brother Hoder, encouraged by the scheming Loki, with the only element known which could cause his death, a dart of mistletoe. With the death of Baldur, the good gods experienced their greatest sadness. It is known that Baldur would have his day of resurrection and usher in the new age of light for mankind in Midgard after Ragnarok, ensuring new hope for the future. It is believed that both Baldur and Hoder together represent the hidden seed of Wotan's soul.
Hail Baldur! We welcome you to this world! Shining one of the gods! Instruct us in thy ways of virtue! Hail Baldur the bright, whose radiance lit a golden age of joy to both god kin and mortal kin! It was you who was slain by the hand of darkness and deceit, who despised your goodness! We pay witness to you Baldur, that you fell to rise again towards an eternal hope of a greater, yet Golden Age! We hail your speedy return! Show us the way of the warrior who walks in balance with intelligence and goodness in his heart! Your wisdom teaches us the mysteries of rebirth. May strength and honor be with you, and to all of our gods and people always! Hail to your shining light of truth! We hail to you Baldur!

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