mercredi 4 février 2015


WOTAN INVOCATION )))))))))))))))
Divine is Wotan, Allfather of all the Euro-tribes! Highest of the gods in Asgard! Divine Wotan, whose Will is performed and accomplished by his own powers, which he hath gathered up out of himself!
Divine is Wotan, who’s immortal and dynamic force shall be known, and who is known by his folk, to whom he reveals himself! Divine art thou, whom through his fiery spirit and will, hast established all worthy things to mortals here in Midgard!
Divine art thou, to whom Nature and Sun, his image, is thereby defined! Divine art thou, whom the inferior nature has not formed! Divine art thou, who art mightier than all powers in the Nine Worlds! Divine art thou who art the mover of highest excellence under the universal power of the All High Creator!
Divine art thou, who is greater than all mortal kind! Accept this invocation from our soul and heart here in Midgard, stretched out to thee! O warrior god of many names, guises, and infinite wisdom, thou whom we do rightly honor through courage and deed!
We beseech your guidance in our times of doubt and despair, that we may not err from the knowledge that you have bestowed upon us, and that we may likewise enlighten those kinsmen of our folk who are in ignorance of the ancient ways of their tribes!
Know that we pledge our honor and service to thee, to the end of our days in Midgard! Allfather Wotan! Thou art the true light, life and soul of the Euro-tribes! May the heroic spirit that you have instilled to our noble ancestors continue to inspire our folk today and for ages to come!
So may it ever be, and so may we earn our rightful place in Valhalla! Hail to the noble gods of the Aesir and the Vanir!
(From the book "Temple of Wotan")

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