vendredi 6 février 2015


O Frigga, Mother of mothers who reigns in Hlidskialf in high Asgard, your people and tribes who worship you, are rich in your powers, and prolonged in life!
Divine Frigga, thou who represent mortal man and Nature and all that is good and merciful; lifeless are all living things in Midgard without you. Thou who nurture the growth of life and all of its abundance, under your protection and grace, and in thy shadow, we reverently dwell and are nourished.
Temples and altars shall be constructed in your honor and daily prayers in reaffirmation of your importance in Midgard. O Mother goddess Frigga, excellent are your designs and may you ever guide your Euro-tribes from darkness and despair, and increase that valiant urge and nobleness of heart which define and remain the hallmark of our most distant heroic forebears.
Divine Frigga, may you live and flourish within the core of our spirit forever and ever! From your womb all mothers have come, and shall return into your oneness until Midgards final days at Ragnarok. Until that time, we ask only for your trusted wisdom and blessings each day through our Midgard journey. We hail to you Mother Goddess Frigga, daughter of Fiorgyn and ever faithful wife to Allfather Wotan, keeper of the keys and Queen of the gods! In loyalty to you divine Goddess Frigga, know that we are, and shall ever remain, faithful in lifelong trust and service!

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