mercredi 11 février 2015


EYE IN THE WELL OF MIMIR )))))))))) by Ron McVan
Sound within silence, light within darkness, timeless I fell into Mimir's well, three fathoms, six fathoms, nine fathoms deep! Piercing the thresholds of formless space, piercing the veils of dominions unknown, whirling turning and spinning I fell, down way down into Mimir's well!
And far below in a bluish glow, and far below neath a moonlit sky, that mystic sacrifice of yore, the sacred orb of Wotan's eye! Now do I glimpse the Titan days, when Gods and men in armor clad, through primal mists on Midgard tread, and dragons roamed both sea and land.
Great stones that made this ancient well, so long ago and mute through time, recall the age of Mimir's might, when even Wotan held no sway! A dawn of the gods, and these were the days, when myths were born and heroes reigned, when left eye of moon, did Wotan give, for knowledge so pure, in Mimir's well.
O mystic wisdom, whose surging tides, and secret murmurings resound in time, like stardust from this well they shine... and through this matrix womb I turn, three fathoms, six fathoms, nine fathoms deep, while legends of ages, and sages foretell... Of that sacred orb, in Mimir's well!

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