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LIVING WOTANISM )))))))))))))))) by Ron McVan
"Problems involving the future of the great races demand a solution. It is now imperative to prepare for distant events, to mold young generations with a different ideal. The governments of nations by men who estimate time in function of their own duration, leads, as we well know, to confusion and to failure. We have to stretch our temporal outlook beyond ourselves." ..................Alexis Carrel
The Euro pagan mysteries and mythologies left behind a body of teachings which reveal not only a long lineage of rich culture yet unknown to us, some predating archaeological evidence, but also bring to light an unwavering ethnic spiritual essence that remains just as important today as ever. With every second, man and atom approach nearer to that solemn moment in eternity, when the invisible presence will become more clear and understandable to our spiritual sight. The word 'spiritual ' covers every phase of living experience... that is spiritual which embodies the divine vision and urges man on towards a higher loftier goal than the one that we can physically attain in life on earth.
Everything is spiritual which tends towards a cosmic understanding and enlightenment, towards positive values, towards that which is productive of beauty and natures perfection, and capable of leading man on to a fuller expression of his own divine potentialities. As we advance on the ladder of awareness, we evolve towards a greater perspective for the ordering of our lives. This development cannot and should not be compartmentalized, it must become part of our persona and lived out on a day to day basis, as an individual, as a family and as a race.
Anyone can whittle a face out of a piece of wood, badly or well, or bang out three chords on a guitar, but to merely do this alone does not make one a sculptor or a musician in the true sense of the word. To be an artist is not limited to levels of skill alone, it is a life long inner pursuit that one is born with and continues to perfect, it must be lived throughout every aspect of one's life---it is what you are as a spirit more than the title or physical body that identifies you.
In today's modern times, if we proclaim to others, "I am a Wotanist", this could mean many things, but it means little if it is not lived from day to day. To read about our Euro-tribe Heathen Gods and heroes, to know the runes, to wear a Thor's hammer, to belong to a kindred, may be part of the package, but it alone is not the essence which accurately defines one as a Wotanist.
The subtlest and most important knowledge of Wotan consciousness is not gained by reading nor by listening to the instructions of a teacher. It is something that already exists deep within our DNA and only needs to be awakened. Through meditation or even a deep and focused invocation process we set the ground work for listening to our own inner voice and creating a cognition of shape and energy that is capable of reaching non-corporal realms manifesting the archetype of our calling. This listening is an active state of consciousness, a throwing of the whole personal "I Am"
consciousness into the form of expectant receptivity. Once this communication becomes apparent and customary to the conscious self, our outward lives will begin to exhibit a marked reconstruction, purpose and sense of destiny. Wotanism is a process of equilibrium, demanding a balancing of all the natural elements and an ongoing working relationship between ourselves and our ethnic Gods.
If your living situation does not permit the construction of a Wotanist hof, large or small, then an indoor permanent or portable staller (altar), will be sufficient. Do not feel that your staller should be hidden away, display it as a proud showplace in your home. Consecrated ritual tools however should not be passed about or misused.
Performing the eight yearly, traditional ceremonies is essential, as well as one or several periods of daily meditations. If you have a family, a good practice is to assign everyone a segment of the appropriate god invocations to read aloud after one of the daily meals, which is readily available in the "Creed of Iron" Wotanist primer handbook. As each day of the week is named after our Gods, to emphasize each accordingly on their special celebrated day is to honor them and carry on the ancient tradition. Make it a standard custom for everyone at the table to raise a glass together at the beginning of each meal with a hearty "Heilsa" by all. Either before or after the meal perform a short invocation to the appropriate god of the day.
To involve yourself as a Wotanist in local and regional activities is always an advantage in reaching others. One can set up displays of Wotanist and Euro-ethnic crafts and literature at country fairs, gun shows, bazaars and wherever the opportunity presents itself. There is a place in Wotanism for every creative skill and expertise. If you belong to a Wotanist kindred you may want to host a public, ethnic event of your own. Invite a variety of artists, craftsmen, musicians, speakers, Euro-ethnic groups, spiritualists or sportsmen such as archers, swordsmen and the like. Ideas are unlimited as to what may serve as the best drawing card for the day. In addition to vendors and performers, create an atmosphere of heritage, displaying national flags, banners, carved dragon heads and Viking tents along with many physical competitive events, Favorites among such events are archery, spear throwing, hammer tossing, axe throwing, fencing and various martial arts demonstrations, as well as traditional dancing with the accompanying ethnic music.
In addition to the customary Blot and Sumbel held in the evening hours, add some extra punch to the day's events by acting out dramatic plays among your kindred members that are relative to the festival that you are celebrating. Perform poetry readings or stage a sword dance. Include ethnic dancing for all to participate. If you feel unfamiliar with folkish dance choreography, it is well worthwhile to hire some professional dance instructors or an ethnic dance group. Live music is always best, but recorded music works well also. Encourage kindred members to learn to play bagpipes, flutes or chanters. Wotanist sejdr drums are a necessity for every kindred. An added touch to have on hand is a "gjallarhorn" to sound the start of each of the day's events. These can be made from a large horn of a steer. Cut the horn tip off, down to the roundness of a quarter. Drill a hole through to the hollow bell of the horn and insert a trombone mouth piece for the very best sound and control.
No Wotanist event is complete without mead as a beverage. Most all kindreds make their own mead, and there are many recipes available. A personal drinking horn is standard gear for all kindred gatherings. If homemade mead is not available, honey beer is a good substitute or cider wine or cider with vodka. For a non-alcoholic beverage, sparkling cider works well.
Many kindred members prefer to attend gatherings in ethnic Viking or Celtic ceremonial costume. The basic garb is quite affordable and easy to make by hand. Sheepskin slippers or leather sandals can be used for shoes. Black or brown cotton sweat pants can be used for trousers. A tunic is easily made from a heavy cotton yardage. Such an outfit can be sharply accented with an attractive leather belt, leather wrist chaps and deer hide leggings. Where the cost factor mounts up is with an additional metal helmet, scramisax, sword, battle axe or spear. Some prefer to go further and include a bear or wolf fur cape, or brass or silver neck torque. While it is not mandatory to dress in ancient folkish style, it does create an ethnic atmosphere where one feels a closer bond to our ancestral roots and with certain ethnic events it is all well and good. However, ancient folk dress should not be taken to the point where we are attempting too strongly to relive the past. The Vikings did not spend time dressing up like Spartans of old and lived as the Vikings that they were in the era of their time. Modern day Wotanist gatherings could just as well be conducted in a three piece suit in an urban high rise conference room. Anyone who has read the "Book of Five Rings" can observe clearly how the Japanese have made the transition of taking the essence of their Samurai Warrior class and adapting it to the modern day business world with great success. It is important if not vital that Wotanists, Druids and other paths of Euro paganism also make that transition. We are in a pitched battle for our survival as a species at this time in history and it is extremely urgent that we do not stray too far from the now of our living world time.
Wotanist families should make every effort to home-school their children and avoid the public education system as much as possible. Today's schools are not designed to efficiently educate children, but instead program them for a morally incorrect and material-centric dumbed-down society. If you truly care about your children, then by all means teach them the truth about our Aryan ancestral history and encourage them to excel in all fields of knowledge, heritage and creative endeavor. Most great men and woman in history, have been self-motivated or refused to accept the limiting mold of institutionalized schooling. As long as the hereditary qualities of Aryan man remain present, the strength and the audacity of our forefathers can be resurrected within ourselves by power of our own individual and collective will.
The family is part of the whole biological inheritance of the individual and such inheritance is crucial in the formation of a race. A healthy family is one that grows together and shares much quality time together. Ideally, woman should be mothers when they are still very young, thus, they would not be isolated from their children by an age gap too great to be bridged, even by love. It is important that the development of our children's minds rest squarely on the shoulders of the parents. Never should it be dependent upon the unnatural, wholesale herd mentality of mind-manipulative institutions and the decadent Hollywood and media outlets. Home schooling should always be a first choice for Wotanist families. If this is not possible, then private tutoring is an alternative choice. The democratic principle of universalist government controlled generic learning has contributed to the collapse of the natural learning and achieving potential in the minds of our youth and contributes greatly in distancing them from their own race and culture. Today's public educational systems are an absolute poison to the minds of our children, pure and simple!
It is not enough to live and work merely to exist. Man must set and accomplish high goals of achievement for himself. The purpose of a healthy civilization should never be restricted to the progress of science, machines and technology alone, but most importantly to the progress of man's spirit, race and culture. It is incumbent of the Aryan race to unite and have a voice of their own. We will not survive much longer without it. All other races have a voice of their people be it Negroes, Jews, Arabs, Chinese, Japanese or what have you. The Chinese have banned all pornography from the computer internet in their nation because they recognized it as a serious danger that was infecting the minds of their children. This is a clear example of positive racial unity. Aryans must do likewise, not just as a religion but as a race and say enough of all the pornography in our societies! Enough of all the filthy gutter-slime pouring out of Hollywood movies infecting the minds of our children! Enough of your political incorrectness! Enough! Clean up your act immediately or get out of our nations! Now!!! Until that tribal unity is once again retained, until we find the voice of our people again, we will continue to remain captive slaves within our own nations, humiliated and mowed over by everyone and anyone as we watch the rest of the world run with our dreams! Wake up! Define yourself or be defined!!!
The complexity of our civilization is immense; these mechanisms have to be mastered. Today, among all of our Western nations worldwide, many people are finding an awakened interest and rejuvenated ancestral pagan identity so, rich in spiritual traditions and customs, as well as a sound and indigenous code of ethics to live by. The transition of living the convictions of your true ethnic spiritual path, customs and culture, and applying such commitments to modern day lifestyles is the start of a rising voice among the ruins. A voice of a people united! A voice of strength and iron willed determination that will once again provide the opportunity and direction to reach our highest goals and dreams!

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