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RITES OF SEJDR ))))))))))) by Ron McVan
"The great events of our world, as planned and executed by man do not breathe the spirit of Christianity, but rather of unadorned paganism. These things originate in a psychic condition that has remained archaic and has not been remotely touched by Christianity." ............... C.G.Jung
From the ancient Sumerians, Minoans, Egyptians, and Greeks to the earliest Teutonic and Celtic tribes of the North, the Euro-pagan religions have had deep roots in the practice of Sejdr, (shamanism) many traces of which still survive even within the adopted cult of Christianity. The exact roots of Shamanism are unknown reaching back into Atlantean times. In our written history we do know that it thrived and developed out of Russia. The Siberian Tungus word 'saman' meaning (exalted or excited), is the origin of the word Shaman that we know today.
Ever since the European tribes first began to relinquish their Nature-based pagan spiritual instincts and customs, the very essence of their innermost collective ethnic spirituality began to digress to dangerous levels. This was further compounded with the thousand year onslaught of dark ages brought about by the so called kinder gentler Christianity that ushered in the evil "Inquisition", the lowest most savage level of human ignorance and brutal terror in all the historic records of Europe! That such a diabolical iron heel lasted for so many centuries is simply beyond human comprehension!
The shift away from the indigenous Nature based paganism severely ravaged the very marrow of the Euro-Western World and left the people largely divided and lost from their ethnic foundations of origin. We stand now as strangers cut adrift upon the emptiness of a soulless technological consumer wasteland, facing the very possible brink of the total extinction as a species. A race is only as strong as the ancestral ethnic bonds that bind it through blood, spirit and heritage. Fortunately Euro-Heathenism is now one of the fastest rising religions in the world!
Through the ever-evolving mythologies and religions, Sejdr has remained essentially the same. Capable of endless adaptation and variation, its core experience was easily assimilated into any number of spiritual paths. In early Europe the earth-centered pagan religion of the Neolithic period would later cross with the sky-centered mythologies and religions of the Indo-European tribes. Paramount and consistent among all the many ancient sky gods, we find the Allfather archetype "Wotan". As the esteemed professor of psychology and psychiatry, Dr. Carl Jung was to state in an essay, "The god of the Aryans is Wotan and not the Christian god." Theenigmatic character of Wotan remains one of the foremost shamanic figures of all of the Aryan pantheons.
In the Havamal and early sagas we find references to Wotan's own personal sejdr initiations. "sejdr", pronounced (say-ther), is founded on experience rather than dogma, and is not to be considered a formal religion of itself. A sejdmadr (male) or sejdkuna (female) is a spiritual shamanic specialist whose gift and whose duty it is to serve their folk by meditating between the physical and spiritual worlds through an altered state of consciousness. Sometimes referred to as "the technique of ecstasy", sejdr may well be the oldest spiritual practice of humankind. The sejdr serves as one of High priest-healer-magician-astrologer-seer-runemaster and diviner.
In the Teutonic pantheon of Wotanism the working of sejdr originated with the Vanir, known to be the oldest realm of the gods, and was brought to the Aesir by the goddess Freyja, who taught the practice to Wotan. Through use of these shamanic skills, Wotan had himself bound with rope to the world tree (Yggdrasil) for nine days and nine nights thereby gaining his high wisdom of the runes through the mind altering pain of self sacrifice as was also exampled when Wotan sacrificed his left (moon) eye into the "Well of Mimir" (Well of all knowledge).
Within the pagan spiritual practice of sejdr the world tree is of key significance to the sejdrmadr, for it is the symbol of the nine worlds and the road between the three-fold cosmos, which represents the center of all creation. Yggdrasil means "horse of ygg", and Ygg is a synonym of Wotan. Thus, the world tree itself means "Wotan's horse". The horse of Wotan in the Teutonic pantheon is symbolically characterized as an eight-legged mighty steed known by the name Sleipner. The eight legs represent the four pall-bearers carrying a coffin, as Wotan is often known at times to traverse through the realms of the dead. The world tree is very significant in Wotanism and sejdr in that it signifies the inner tree of man. The human spinal column is as the trunk of Yggdrasil. Just like Yggdrasil, the root of the spine starts in the lower conscious realm of the body, traveling up to the crown of the head, reaching the vital energy of the higher consciousness. The spinal column serves as the axis mundi, or center of the universe in the body. As the sejdr in ecstasy travels up and down the cosmic world tree to communicate with the world of the gods and the dead, so may we likewise stimulate our own life energy to travel up and down our interior physical world tree, and thus attain the "Hamingja" (higher God-self) within the body.
Wotan has always been referred to as a god of ecstasy and inspiration. He could inspire warriors in battle to a frenzied state of berserker rage in which they feared nothing and felt no pain, so intense was this altered state at times as to cause an out-of-body experience. These battle-hard warriors became renowned in the Viking age as the "berserkers" or "bear-shirts", from which they derived their name.
What is known as the "power animal", or "fylgja", that we at times can summon up within our own human character is a highly relevant aspect of sejdr. Most popular of these animal personas are the boar, bear, wolf, raven, eagle, serpent or dragon, stag and horse. To the sejdr the connection and spirit with a particular power animal is oftentimes necessary to reach beyond human limitations by assuming the essence of its vital force, and has been a long-practiced and an effective custom in the martial arts as well. Some sejdrs are also known to master the practice of shape shifting.
The sejdrmadr is an accomplished seer whose works are best conducted in the dark, or at least with the eyes covered in order to see clearly. Some kinds of shamanic seeing can be done with the eyes open, but usually that kind of perception is of less profound nature. In darkness the distraction of ordinary reality lessen their impingement on the consciousness, making it possible for the sejdrmadr to intently focus upon aspects of non-ordinary reality essential to his work. Drumming, rattling, singing, bell ringing and dancing are the most customary tools used to reach the desired altered state of mind.
The sejdmadr journey is one of the most enlightening tasks to be undertaken, as it provides him the means to reach beyond the sensations of mankind’s everyday awareness. What the sejdr represents is the most widespread, ancient methodological system of mind-body experience and healing known to man. It is a practice of which the sejdmadr must travel to the deepest reaches within the mind and body as well as without.
In today's times we live in a world that is quickly crumbling, and are now witness to the great metabolic decline of Western man and society. This is no accident, it is calculated with an almost surgical precision by an insatiable Power Elite secret society oligarchy who create their incredible wealth by raping the earth with impunity of its resources and controlling and exploiting human life. Using the sham honey coated pill known as "Democracy", the power elite has the perfect tool to work at destroying all semblances of nations and ethnic cultures. Once this is accomplished they can easily carve up the entire resources of the world for themselves and in time assume total dominion over all mankind. The basic freedoms, cultures and folkish values that are necessary to form a wholesome and healthy society are of no concern to the Power Elite. What is more, they condone, encourage and implement endless high profit no win wars, crime and chaos and whatever it takes to fulfill their ultimate objective.
The accumulated experience of past Western civilizations are being increasingly dissolved in a deliberate genocide of the Euro-tribes through integration, miscegenation and the concept and practice of one world universalism, along with the silent genocide holocaust of abortion and birth control pills, all of which strongly contribute to a steady systematic breakdown of our nationhood, culture and unity as a species. Educational institutions and the many media outlets are all controlled by the Power Elite. Neither politics, current events, alien religions, territorial imperatives, escapism, militias or utopian dreaming can repair the soul of a race. Our hope, strength, dreams and destiny will never be assured until we begin at the outset to first recognize the problem, then work vigorously to rebuild a cohesive and collective, ethnic focus of mind and will, found only through the awareness and recognition of our own indigenous spirituality, ethnic mythologies and pantheons. A sound knowledge of ones own roots as a people is the best preparation for the future and surest guarantee for survival as a folk.
Everything that we are, is a sum total of every experience that has preceded along that long Golden Chain back to our earliest origins. Every race of people have their own divine identity, purpose and destiny. The man makes history, the woman is history, but the right order of a people is forged by the creative force of an awakened folk-consciousness. The powers of the blood, and our unbroken physical and spiritual forces, must resume their ancestral lordship. Through such direction and awareness we can easily perceive and obtain our highest potential and reveal that greatness and courage which slumbers deep in the essence of our soul. The sejdr in every sense of his being, just as in the most ancient tribal times, serves as the collective soul and voice of his people. (Common spelling variations of sejdr: seidhr, seitr,seidr,seith)
Hermes Trismegistus
"Was he one or many, Merging name and fame in one, Like a stream, To which, Converging, Many streamlets run? Who shall call his dreams fallacious? Who has searched or sought, All the unexplored and spacious, Universe of thought? Who in his own skill confiding, Shall with rule and line, Mark the border-land dividing, Human and divine? Trismegistus! Three times greatest! How thy name sublime, Has descended to this latest, Progeny of time!" ..........Longfellow

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