mercredi 10 septembre 2014


WOTANSDAY ))))))))))))) (Wednesday)
Old English --- Wodensdaeg --- "Day of Woden - Odin - Wotan"
God --- Wotan
Rune --- Othala
Planet --- Mercury
Number --- 8
Color --- Yellow
Tone --- Mi
Sign --- Gemini (Virgo)
Wonder --- Great Pyramid of Egypt
Wotansday the day of works and science. Eight (8) is the number of wholeness, new beginnings and perfect symmetry. Its chief significance can be found in the eightfold division of the heavens. It is the number of spatial ordering. Eight is abundant in mytho-magical lore. The complete octave of the musical scale exemplifies the essential nature of the number eight, being both entirety and renewal.
The supreme god of all the Aryan Euro-pantheons, Wotan is commonly known as the Allfather, in that he symbolizes the reigning deity over all the gods of the Aesir and Vanir. Most of the gods of Asgard are in some way descended from him.
Wotan is a majestic figure known for his high wisdom, power and as protector of warriors whose hearts are true and courageous. Often flanked by two wolves, Geri and Freki, which characterize cunning and nocturnal hunting prowess. There are always perched nearby two ravens, whose names, Huginn and Muninn, signify thought and memory.
Wotan is usually shown holding his magnificent spear, Gungnir, and wearing the gold spiral design armband, Draupnir, which self-replicated every nine days. Respectively, these objects symbolize Wotan's strength and his fertility. The eyes of Wotan represent the sun and the moon. Wotan gave his left (moon) eye at Mimir's Well to gain all wisdom of the eternal mysteries. Realizing that only through pain and hardship is true knowledge ever attained. Wotan sacrificed himself on the Yggdrasil tree for nine days and nine nights, pierced by a spear, to gain total knowledge and mastery of the runes.
Wotan's high throne in Asgard is called Hildskjalf, from where he can see all things. Wotan's halls are Gladsheim, Valaskjalf and Valhalla. Wotan is the foremost Euro-tribe archetype and runs deepest within the D.N.A. essence of our transforming consciousness.
Hail mighty Wotan, giver of victory and knowledge! Thou who knowest the runes of deepest wisdom and power! We stand before you and welcome you this day! Guide our people through our years in Midgard, as we continue to learn the knowledge and powers of your ancient ways! Grant us always your divine spiritual guidance, that we that we may better live and serve you and the gods! Allfather Wotan! It is you who has fired our hearts and our minds in the roaring cauldron of creativity! Grant prosperity, unity and well-being among our kind for as long as we live! We thank thee Wotan! Allfather, Skyfather and highest deity of the Aesir and Vanir! May strength, honor and undaunted courage remain with you always and among we your people and tribes! To you and all of the gods of Asgard we do hail!

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