mercredi 17 septembre 2014


WOTAN MEDITATION )))))))))))))))))
I listen to the voice of Wotan as he speaks to my spirit. His voice is the vibration of an ancient Iron Will, an Immortality resonating within the core of my mortal being. Through his arcane wisdom I am lead unerringly to the higher realms in the Now of my awakening consciousness. A Yggdrasil tree grows inside of me and winds its way upward from the base of my spine to the crown of my head, a complete universe where all things and all truthsunfold and are revealed. I reach into its dominion of quiet peace and harken back to the voice of my ancestors who dwell there within me, and I dwelling within them. I close my eyes and sense this living, breathing unity. Here I am one with all of my people, past, present and future, with Nature and the extended universe without. I move in accordance with the divine law. From here all the limitless powers of creation are moving inward and outward, and I am a conscious part of it. I see about me the thoughts of all mankind and the correct answers to all questions. That which is good among these I accept; that which is not I ignore, for my concern is only with truth and the divine plan ordained through Nature and my Gods which is the perfect good and the expanding of all inner and outer consciousness. I know that I am fulfilling the fondest wish of the Absolute. It is my gods who prompt and guide me to understand their highest powers. As I believe in my heart, so shall it be done unto me; as this is the law of life and of living. Each day is another step on my journey to a greater union with my gods. I am at peace within myself here in Midgard. I do not seek --- I know. I do not strive --- I am guided... the divine Wotan spirit working above, around and through me!
(from the book "Temple of Wotan")

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