jeudi 4 septembre 2014


TYRSDAY )))))))))))))) (Tuesday) Ron McVan

Old English --- Tiwesdag "Day of Tiw - Tyr - Tew"
God --- Tyr
Rune --- Tiwaz
Planet --- Mars
Number --- 5
Color --- Red
Tone --- Do
Sign --- Aries (scorpio)
Wonder --- Tomb of Mausolus

The day of works of wrath. The number of Tyrsday is five. Five (5) is the number of ordered time and space. The ancient Germanic week was five nights long, which was also the length of time one had to respond to a legal summons. It is rarely found in mythological lore, but for operative purposes, it is a powerful invocatory formula.

Tyr is the respected god of honorable battle, strategy, courage, war and cunning. The great warrior deity of the ancient Indo-Europeans, and believed to have been the original Irmin-god.

Regarded as the one-handed god. When the Aesir were preparing to bind the ferocious Fenris wolf, using the chain called "Gleipnir", the giant wolf refused to submit unless one of the gods put his arm in the wolf's mouth as a guarantee. Tyr volunteered and thereby lost his right hand, evidencing his fearlessness, giving of the individual self to serve the interest of the whole.

Tyr has been known as the true god of law and order. Wotan was the chief of the martial games and combats, but the warrior god's occupation he had left to Tyr.

As one understands the psychocosmological aspects of the pantheon structure, it becomes apparent that Tyr's function synthesized that of Wotan, as each represents a distinct hemisphere of the brain. Tyr (left) Wotan (right). Tyr is the planner; Wotan is the doer. Tyr is also identified with the North Star.

Hail Tyr! Relentless sword god, steadfast as the World Pillar! Bringer of justice and victory! May our minds in this consecrated place likewise be consecrated, as is our will, to the just service of Tyr, valiant and wise! Inspire us in courage and sacrifice! Reassure us in the work of order and continue to instill your bravery among our folk! It is your noble name that we grave on our sword and spear! Mighty Tyr! Sky god of the elder days! May everything be as you wish, and all of our many tribes stand with you as you have stood with us! May love strength and honor be with you and all the gods of Asgard forever and always!


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