jeudi 11 septembre 2014


THORSDAY )))))))))))) (Thursday)
Old English --- Thursdaeg - "Day of Thor - Thunar"
God --- Thor
Rune --- Raido
Planet --- Jupiter
Number ---4
Color ---Blue
Tone --- Sol
Sign --- Sagittarius (Pisces)
Wonder --- Gardens & Tower of Babylon
Thorsday is the day of works of politics and or religion. The number for Thorsday is four (4) the number of solidity and waiting. It contains power which is one of its primary uses in myth. The symbolism includes the four seasons, four corners of the earth (or base of the pyramid), the four directions and the four winds.
The burly red-haired roaring god of strength, thunder and lightning bolts, the son of Wotan is Thor. His trademark invincible hammer. Mjollnir, and chariot drawn by two goats, Yanngnioster and Taungrisnt, are inextricably part of Thor's mystique and powers.
Considered the strongest of all the Teutonic gods, Thor was well loved for his temper and single-minded determination. Another symbol associated with Thor was Megingirod a magic belt that, when worn, doubled the thunder god's power. Thor also possessed a gauntlet which allowed him to catch Mjollnir without harm when it returned to him. Thor's two steel gloves imply the duality of positive and negative polarity.
As truculent as he was gentle, Thor remained a blazing-eyed dread and unmerciful terror to his enemies. These characteristics of Thor made him an undisputed favorite of the working man, farmer and warriors.
Although pictured primarily as a storm god and warrior figure, Thor is also linked with man's habitation and well-being of the family and the community. This includes the fruitfulness of the fields, fertility and the preservation of the seasonal round.
The Thor's Hammer amulet worn about the neck, remains the far reaching personal favorite adornment of reaffirmation of the Euro-tribe warrior spirit.
Hail to Thor! God of thunder! Defender of Asgard and Midgard! Infuse us with your unwavering heroic courage and aid us in the fight against all enemies of freedom, our families and our folk! Fearless Thor! Warrior of warriors among the gods and steadfast in loyalty and truth! Protect and encourage us with the might of your invincible strength and justice dealing hammer! May everything be as you wish and may all of our people stand with you in the highest bond of troth, as you have stood with us through our many trials and incarnations here in Midgard! May strength and honor remain with you and among our people always! We hail to you Thor! God of thunder and friend to man!

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