dimanche 7 septembre 2014


SUNDAY )))))))))) (Sunday) Ron McVan

Old English --- Sunnandaeg "Day of the Sun"
God --- Frey (Also a day attributed to goddess Sol/Sunna)
Rune --- Ingwaz
Planet ---Sun
Number --- 6
Color --- Orange
Tone --- Re
Sign --- Leo
Wonder --- Colossus at Rhodes

Sunday is the day of works of light. The sun is the heart of the solar world (system). From there, sensation is radiated into every nerve center of the great body and waves of the life-essence flow into each artery and vein... the planets are its limbs and pulses. Six (6) is the number of vibrant life and strength, which can be used to create or destroy. The number six is rarely found in mythic contexts.

Frey is high god of the Vanir, son of Njord and twin brother of Freyja. He is known as the god of the sun, generation and fertility. Although Frey is representative of Kingship, peace and fruitfulness, he is likewise referred to as "protector of the high gods" and "ruler of armies". A characteristic of Frey is his sword, symbolic of spiritual will, which under its own motivation would start slaying his enemies as soon as it was drawn from the sheath.

The boar, a familiar trademark of Frey, is symbolic of the earth, sun and one's troth. It was long an Aryan custom to swear an oath on the back of a boar. Frey's trusted golden boar which pulled his chariot was named "Gullinbursti", or "Golden Bristles", as its shining bristles would light up the world as it traveled. The boar image was a favorite of the warrior class as a symbol of fearlessness, ferocity and courage.

Frey's love for the beautiful frost giantess Gerd, is renown. Gerd is a radiating figure of pulsating light. She is often associated with the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. Frey is the traditional god of the harvest and popular favorite of the farmer.

We hail to you Frey! High god of the Vanir! God of the sun, fertility, life force and all its vigor! Your power we witness in image of the wild stallion, boar and sword invincible! Frey, friend of our folk, harvest and fertile season! Protector of the gods and ruler of armies! We give thanks for thy guardianship. Move and direct us with your might! Free us with your spirit! In lordly manner, you serve as both benefactor and example! May strength and honor be with you and among our folk always! To noble Frey we do hail!


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