dimanche 7 septembre 2014


Open mighty gates of Valhalla! Hall of Wotan's chosen warriors! Fearless fighting elite! Pride of the Valkyries! Through your spirit, dwells our strength and courage! Forever do your legends and deeds guide and enrich us! Hear us now, from this chosen circle here in Midgard! As we bring -(initiates name)- , we ask that you weigh - (initiates name) - warrior spirit, that time be given to prove -(initiates name)- worth in the high service of Wotan! May -(initiates name)- rightly wear the Valknut, as a symbol of his/her commitment, with truth in his/her heart and strength in hand! No dishonor be made to this sacred symbol!
By the blood and flesh that binds, I do summon the ancient ones, that they bear witness to this initiation of -(initiates name)- and receive him/her this day, into the ranks of the Einherjar! Before our gods and chosen warriors, do you pledge by your solemn word, that you shall always uphold with honor, dignity and courage, the lifelong commitment to Wotan's Einherjar? -(initiate responds)- "This I will do, on my word and unwavering commitment through body and spirit!"
Thou standeth on the narrow threshold between Midgard and Asgard! Know that only the brave and heroic spirits are worthy to enter Wotan's Einherjar! I say to thee verily, better to rush on this blade of steel that I now hold, and perish miserably, than to enter this lifelong commitment with fear in thy heart! Do you understand? -(initiate responds)- "By my troth I do pledge both body and spirit!" Take heed noble Lords of Valhalla! We enter now into our ranks -(initiates name)- who doth pledge unwavering commitment to thy folk and to thy gods! As his/her word is his/her bond! May this covenant now be consecrated!
I give you the blessings of Wotan! Through this sword, ancestors of a thousand ages fill thy being! In the name of Wotan, Baldur, Freyja, Frey, Tyr and Thor, may our gods always be with you, and forever guide you! As we now proclaim you a member of Wotan's Einherjar! Hail Wotan! Hail all of the high gods of Asgard! Victory or Valhalla!
(from "Temple of Wotan")

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