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MOONDAY ))))))))))))) (Monday) Ron McVan
Monandaeg "day of the moon" A day in honor of the goddess Freyja and the god Mani
God: ................Freyja
Rune: ..............Berkano
Planet: ............Moon
Number: .........9
Color: .............Violet
Tone: .............Ti
Sign: ...............Cancer
Wonder: .........Temple of Diana at Euphesus
Day of works of Divination and mystery
The name "moon" means "the measurer" or one who metes out time with her phases and movements. The word "mon-th" in its origin means "a measurement of the moon." Nine (9) is the "holiest of numbers" and the root of psycho-cosmic powers; it lends to any purpose. It is the number of life eternal and death enduring. Nine transforms what it touches, yet it remains eternal within itself. Its use abounds in myth and legend, symbolized in the Knot of the Slain and the nine worlds of the Yggdrasil.
Invocation: Facing the Sun, make the sign of the hammer saying: "Wotan, Baldur, Frey and Thor!"
Hail Freyja! Lady of the Vanir! Goddess of love and fertility! We call out to you in loving devotion! Most beautiful of the goddesses, we invoke you! Your blessings strengthen our folk with new life in the quickened wombs of our womankind! Withold not your gifts from us, but continue instead to pour forth, as we summon you by the ancient names! Sister of Frey! Possessor of the slain! We await your attendance as a sign of our communion and kinship! May strength, love and honor be with you and with our people always!
Freyja is the Teutonic goddess of fertility and physical love. The twin sister to Frey and the daughter of Njord, like her relatives, she was of the Vanir descent.
Among the goddesses, Freyja has always been by far the most beautiful. Her hair was more lovely than Sif's and her features more handsome than Frigga's. Her palace was called Sessrymnir, which was found in the realm of Folkvang in Asgard. Wotan chose her to become the leader of his elite force of warrior maidens, the Valkyrs.
It was the Valkyrs who would come to the battlefields for the dead heroes, whom they would transport across Bifrost, the rainbow bridge, into Valhalla.
Freyja was the proud owner of two fantastic objects, the necklace "Brisingamen" and a cloak of falcon feathers, like Frigga.
Cats were considered sacred to Freyja and it is only natural that her chariot should be pulled by felines, but often times it was pulled by her special boar "Hildisvini."

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