vendredi 5 septembre 2014


FRIGGSDAY )))))))))))))) (Friday)   Ron McVan
Old English --- Frigedaeg - "Day of Frigg"
Rune --- Pertho
God --- Frigga
Planet --- Venus
Number ---7
Color --- Indigo
Tone --- La
Sign --- Libra (Tauras)
Wonder --- Statue of Jupiter at Olympus
Friggsday is the day of works of love. The number seven (7) is the number of completion, death and passive contact with the "other worlds". A seven night interval is traditional between death and performance of the funeral rites. A powerful hermetic number, there are seven days of the week, the seven seals, seven celestial spirits, the seven colors of the rainbow, seven notes of the musical scale and seven Wonders of the World.
Frigga is the wife of Wotan and the supreme goddess of the Northern Pantheon, the goddess of marital love and fidelity with the innate gift of her husband to see the future.
The name of Frigga's hall in Asgard is "Fensalir". Known as a fertility goddess and symbol of conjugal happiness and maternity - she was often represented with a cluster of keys at her waist, as a symbol of the good housewife.
Another characteristic of Frigga is her spinning wheel, where she spends much time spinning gold thread or brightly colored clouds. Frigga also possesses a hide of hawk feathers in which she can fare through the worlds. Much like the Egyptian goddess Isis, Frigga is the custodian of the secret wisdom, our universal immaculate folk mother, from whom all the vibrant causes of life (gods) emerge or descend.
Hail Frigga! Mother of our people, wife of Wotan and foremost goddess! We praise you and invoke your blessings upon our folk here in Midgard! Great Frigga! Giver of birth and death! Spinner of fates! Thy fruits and wisdom enrich us all! May everything be as you wish, and our folk and many tribes here in Midgard offer to you our most noble troth and stand with you as you have stood with us! May love, strength and honor be with you and all of our people always! We hail to you mother goddess Frigga!

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